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Information Marketing
“The Individual who succeeds in life is the one who has the best information”
Today this ad age is more relevant to us than at any other point of time. With the rapidly changing economic scenario and hectic pace of activity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for professionals to keep abreast with every bit and piece of information and enquiry generation is a vital decision making tool, the lack of which may find you on the wrong foot.
News Clipping Services
INDUS seeks to cater to this vital need of the modern professional, by providing:
News cuttings from all major publications and periodicals on subjects of your interests.
Tender notices which are carried in newspapers and magazines.
Business enquiries, which includes export enquiries from all over the world relating to your product categories.
Information about trade fairs, buyer-seller meets, exhibitions, shows, seminars and other relevant events of the industry.
Enquiries generated through advertisements.
Advertisement cuttings of competitors.
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